Press Release February 1 2013: Ventura Global Health Project Announces inaugural project sites

Ventura Global Health Project (VGHP), a start-up non profit organization dedicated to enabling local doctors in their service to humanity, today announced their inaugural project sites:

Moundou, Chad: Moundou Adventist Hospital

VGHP is partnering with Dr. James Appel to provide specialist care in Moundou, Chad.

Santo Tomas La Union, Guatemala: Clinica Medica Cristiana

VGHP is partnering with Dr. Zachary Self to support his startup Clinica Medica Cristiana in Santo Tomas La Union, Guatemala.

Maneadero, Mexico: Medical Outreach and possible Startup Clinic

VGHP is partnering with Dr. Carlos O’Bryan to assess needs in providing care to underserved peoples in Maneadero, Mexico.

Sahara Desert, Niger: The Nomad Project

VGHP is partnering with Dr. Robert Skankey and the Nomad Foundation to support midwive training in the Sahara Desert.

For more information contact (Jim? Michael)?