Ventura Global Health Project – VGHP

Mission Statement 

Enabling Local Doctors to Serve Humanity

A community based non-profit organization supporting direct clinical care for the world’s poor without regard to political affiliation, religious belief, or ethnic identity.

Our mission  is to encourage and facilitate a lifelong interest in global health for medical professionals through the following means:

1.) Provide grants for medical professionals who provide long term volunteer care to underserved peoples.

2.) Facilitate short-term medical rotations to partner clinics and hospitals in underserved areas by providing administrative and logistical assistance and reimbursement of expenses to volunteering medical professionals.

3.) Provide telemedicine services, staffed by volunteer medical professionals, to partner clinics and hospitals who provide care to underserved peoples.


Auxiliary projects, incidental to performance of the mission, include building the infrastructure to serve as a clearinghouse for volunteering doctors (outreach, recruitment, scheduling, logistics, training, partner relations) and building a metric to measure doctor volunteerism in our community.